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Piddle, Twiddle

And, of course, resolve.

A 1776 RPG
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In Congress is – and ought to be! – the first and only RPG based on the musical 1776! And, to some extent, on American history. History geeks and musical geeks unite here.

The Game: This unfortunate bunch of delegates is eternally suspended in the time before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Second Continental Congress met for the first time in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775. So the game will start there.

Basically, the delegates will talk, debate, declaim, snark, speechify, probably get into a few canefights, and generally annoy the living hell out of each other.

The Characters: All the characters are available except the ones on The List. So grab one and make a journal for him (or her, if you want to be Abigail Adams or, as someone has suggested, a tavern wench XP), then join the community as that character. First come, first serve. The journal name should have something to do with the character, obviously. When you create the journal, please put your regular username somewhere in the info so I can see who everyone actually is.

Characters can use their journals like anyone would use a livejournal (which will be pretty amusing), but community posts have to be in the format below.

The List:
sing_hosanna – John Dickinson, portrayed by duello.
punch_and_silk – John Hancock, portrayed by gelise.
sitdown_john – John Adams, portrayed by i_heart_alan.
tjeff_lover – Thomas Jefferson, portrayed by love_1776.
thomson_chas – Charles Thomson, portrayed by lover_of_1776.
rev_witherspoon – John Witherspoon, portrayed by jadore_histoire.
dr_lymanhall – Lyman Hall, portrayed by salveevery1.
flamboyant_lee – Richard Henry Lee, portrayed by gogowilde.
congresswhore – Edward Rutledge, portrayed by mushroomthief.
benj_franklin – Ben Franklin, portrayed by roadstergal.
the_other_adams – Samuel Adams, portrayed by ink_n_imp.
tavern_maid - Felicity Thatcher, portrayed by love_1776.
ol_bacon_face - Samuel Chase, portrayed by lover_of_1776.
tired_n_true76 - Caesar Rodney, portrayed by salveevery1.

The Format: This is a kind of interactive-story RPG, in the past tense. If you want to start a topic, post with the location of your character in the subject line, then write about what your character is doing, and let other characters join you in the comments. For example:

Subject: Congressional Chamber (or ____'s house, or Ye Olde Bawdy Tavern, or whatever)

Main text: John Adams sat at his desk, looking generally discontented as usual and brooding in a very Massachusetts way.

Comment: Dickinson walked in and sang at him to sit down, even though he already was.


1. Know a bit about the actual historical person you're playing, just so you can avoid the kind of situation where your character is talking enthusiastically about his wife when really she died several years earlier. Check out Wikipedia. It is God. Also know something about the time period. Anachronism hurts a little.

2. Don't make another player's character do anything. You can only control your own character, not other characters' responses to their actions.

3. Be a nice person. Of course, your character can antagonize another player's character as much as you want, that's practically the point. Just don't antagonize the player.

4. Try to keep your characterization pretty consistent. It's more fun that way than if characters just have random vague moods and no solid character traits. Additionally, try to base the characterization somewhat on the musical (and anything historical you can dig up, if you want).

5. Keep it PG-13? Because RP-smut is kind of creepy? (Slash is fine, just not all-out porn.) If you enjoy all-out porn, join 1776_rpg.

6. Have fun, I guess. However corny that may sound. :D

Your Obedient,
G. Washington duello and lover_of_1776

PS – Join in_congress_ooc as yourself once you've joined here!